About the Band

The newly formed Star Horse came about as a “throw together” band performing at festivals. While having fun on and off stage these crazies thought it would be a good idea to pull the finger out, and go the next step… naming the group. This inevitably led to arguments, tears, a goat being sacrificed, as well as a much-publicized drive by shooting. Having settled out of court, the name Star Horse was born.

Comprising of some of the finest musicians in the country, it is suffice to say they play and have played with everybody.

But, here’s the list anyway. You may want to get comfy as this may take a while:

Puff Daddy, Kylie Minogue, John Farnham, The Badloves, Westlife, Olivia Newton John, Kasey Chambers, Ross Wilson, Colin Hay, Mark Seymour, Renee Geyer, Paul Kelly, Leo Sayer, The Screaming Jets, Tina Arena, Vanessa Amorosi, Jon Stevens, Merril Bainbridge, Joe Camilleri, Guy Sebastian, James Reyne, Human Nature, Smokey Robinson, Mary Wilson (The Supremes), Tina Arena, Kate Ceberano, David Campbell, iOTA, Avery*Sunshine, Graham Connors, Paul Mac Debra Byrne, Australian Chamber Orchestra, Luke O’Shea, Karl Broadie, Kate Ceberano, Madison Avenue, Inka Marka, Ilanda, Jennifer Paige, The Flood, CDB, Rouge Traders, Vika and Linda Bull

Dropping names like The Blitzkrieg over London in 1941!

Line up:

DION HIRINI: Guitar, Vocals
Likes: Photography, Football, and Loving Life
Dislikes: Finding lint in his belly button

CRAIG JOHNSTON: Guitar, Harmonica, Trumpet, Ukelele, Vocals
Likes: Having more instruments next to his name than anyone else in the band.
Dislikes: Tuning all of the instruments next to his name.

JEFF CONSI: Drums, Percussion
Likes: Being the token American in the posse.
Dislikes: Undercooked bacon.

SARAH GURRY: Keyboards, Vocals
Likes: Arguing with call center employees.
Dislikes: Heights

JOHN KENDALL: Violin, Mandolin, Vocals
Likes: Getting caught in the rain, as long as he’s at a bar.
Dislikes: Kyrgyzstan politics.

Likes: Bass player memes.
Dislikes: Loading base amps up stairs.

Star Horse are available for all types of corporate shows/events, from solos or duos all the way to the full six-piece war machine. Please follow this link for more information, as well as contact details.